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Lining Wade sixth 2 for Dwayne · Wade and team members to build, vamp uses integrated multilayer net surface material, with TPU support sheet, using new 3D-Fit integrated technology in the heel, the bottom is equipped with carbon fiber board, Bounse+ rebound technology, with rubber outsole. item: ABAM017-1 001IzPVqzy7aB5QCMsp51& amp; 690.jpeg (399.77 KB, download number: 36) download Lining Wade sixth 2 2017-4-26 16:26 upload 001IzPVqzy7aB5QLyRPf9& amp; 690.jpeg (371.7 KB, download number: 32) download Lining Wade sixth 2 2017-4-26 16:26 upload 001IzPVqzy7aB5QpajC00& amp; 690.jpeg (321.94 KB, download number: 30) download Lining Wade sixth 2 2017-4-26 cheap jordans for sale mens 16:26 upload 001IzPVqzy7aB63eTQmca& amp; 690.jpeg (380.85 KB, download number: 28) download Lining Wade sixth 2 2017-4-26 16:26 upload 001IzPVqzy7aB63jGgvbf& amp; 690.jpeg (311.9 KB, download number: 31) download Lining Wade sixth 2 2017-4-26 16:26 upload 001IzPVqzy7aB5RVzF1a3& amp; 690.jpeg (264.65 KB, download number: 28) download Lining Wade sixth 2 2017-4-26 16:26 upload Lining, Wade sixth 200The new technology about Adidas, the first answer you mind shoes fans may have been recently applied in basketball shoes on Boost. However, there are actually a technology is slowly growing, is Primeknit. We understand that provide more fit than ever knitted upper fe Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping eling from the shoes, and for the manufacturing environment is relatively a lot of environmental protection. Slowly, Adidas will now has the reflection characteristics of materials used in this technology, to create a new Primeknit Boost. From the photos of the shoes can be seen in the heel and tongue are in possession of the material. In addition to their own sports brand continues to introduce new products, research and development of science and technology is an important breakthrough, how to maintain continuous innovation and become quite important brand growth. 5-key-points-behind-the-first-ever-reflective-knitted-shoe-from-adidas-1.jpg (47.53 KB, download number: 0) cheap foamposites download adidas Primeknit Boost Reflective 2014-12-5 09:13 upload 5-key-points-behind-the-first-ever-reflective-knitted-shoe-from-adidas-2.jpg (40.2 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Primeknit Boost Reflective 2014-12-5 09:13 upload 5-key-points-behind-the-first-ever-reflective-knitted-shoe-from-adidas-3.jpg (40.79 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Primeknit Boost Reflective 2014-12-5 09:13 upload 5-key-points-behind-the-first-ever-reflective-knitted-shoe-from-adidas-4.jpg (202.31 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Primeknit Boost Reflectiv0recently, a Kobe Chinese line, while eating noodles while making a phone call to the photo on micro-b cheap jordans online log caused a hot. But a little funny is that Kobe eat noodles with a fork instead of chopsticks. But there are more families are showing the love of the boss. and, of course, part of the long hand netizen is so understanding: Kobe above the telephone call is former teammate: "Trevor Ariza, how do you use chopsticks? Pretty urgent, you teach me ah." laughed after brought everyone together to understand, NBA star to China what to eat? Artest to eat dumplings dumplings awfully JR- Smith often with KFC as partners with Marcus - Williams this foreign aid in China to stay for a long time is have to eat fast food to eat vomit, he in the McDonald's photographs of Peiwen is: "the p Cheap air jordans for sale lane landed directly to the." Then it's an expression that eats the spit. Charles - nice to eat beef noodles or eat very happy, but why eat with a spoon ah? Mazhengwei ! compared to other foreign aid, mazhengwei is simply God General exist, although in two and a half years ago when I first came to China as not suited to Chinese food, but now mazhengwei eat had dinner, low-grade got fried rice, occasionally also dare challenge bullfrog. Political commissar is indeed inherited the fine tradition of the older generation revolutionary class, dare eat anything also can eat just about anything, really is example of the domestic players in each big foreign aid and some picky eater cheap jordan shoes for men s! followed Yao Ming to eat a big meal of Ewing lung also love to eat dumplings, chopsticks with a model of big shark also has a special liking for the dumplings to eat dumplings!? hungry what are good to eat, Paul, Anthony taste Chinese style fast food. Nash although holding chopsticks, but the expression is a little helpless. does not eat the first day of the Oh, oh well! Maddie Yao Mingjiao and uncle with chopsticks Maddie to eat with a mold oh oh! can't use chopsticks to James, can only manage fork to eat breakfast eat the worst is Ariza, the braised beef noodles, eat really cow face ah! But look at this feel, eat the bel cool feeling! get reload battle, the major applic Retro jordans for sale ation market search g〉Nike is the latest version of Blazer Mid new color black, blue suede shoes material collocation white bottom, while the light blue side of the design of Swoosh, followed by Nike logo and tongue pattern to the overall effect of more fresh vitality, is now on sale in the UK JD Sports. F7. _0 D C, C% G5 S+! Q$h 7 W$B7 G (J); [| this horse Nike Kobe 9 NSW color Lifestyle YOTH used black and grey to black shoes, uppers with special texture, strong texture, red tongue with KOBE LOGO played a decorative role, eye-catching. The shoelace with "successful" four word shoelace buckle to show it does not note the identity of the horse. This YOTH color sh cheap jordans for sale oes will be on sale in February 17th. * Q7 I/ O/ R1 m K _* "); K+ W (e%) {S7 D O0 x)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Nike last year in China flies and disappointments, experienced more than a year of sluggish sales later, even some analysts have said it would be Adidas beyond, lost China market leader position. Since then, the company has been trying to reverse the situation. "Competition in the Chinese market is not one hundred meters sprint sprint, but a marathon." Nike CEO Mark? Parker said. match is not over yet, Nike has won the stage victory. According to Nike's latest earnings report, as of November 30, Nike Greater Chi Retro jordans for sale na revenue to achieve a 21% growth, while future orders this year from December to April next year increase of 11%, Greater China, orders were up 13%; single Nike is the first 2015 quarter ended August 31, the Greater China revenue grew to 18.3%. This year continues to grow female merchandise, Nike earnings growth provides an important breakthrough. Female consumers are playing an increasingly important role, in order to meet their needs, Nike has developed a specific application, regularly updated female products Collection, Nike + workout club for women dozens of customized training programs. By the end of November, in Shanghai iAPM Mall, Nike opened following the Los An Cheap air jordan 12 ovo geles Women's experience of the world's second woman shop store experience. "We always attach importance to the Greater China region. The new Nike unveiled woman shop experience once again demonstrates our commitment to the Greater China market and female consumers, to give them the best products and services to Nike." Nike Global Retail vice president and general manager Heidi? O'Neill (Heidi ONeill), said in an experience store opened this woman. Some data also prove that women are becoming the main force in the field of sports and fitness. Flurry mobile application platform statistics statistics 100,000 users in 6800 a variety of data applications on iOS devices and found that 62 percent of the fitness fanatic is a woman, men accounted for only 38%. More and more women began to squeeze into the gym. In addition to rope in female sports fans, the Nike also through a variety of marketing methods to make sports a part of people's lives. 2014 World Cup, World Cup and other events have appeared Basketball, Nike With these events in Greater China had done a marketing campaign. After the World Cup, Nike put James, Kobe Bryant and other NBA superstar to China, with a local coach Wang Fei, star Yi Jianlian and Taiwan television actor Zhang Jun Ning together, held its first basketball network reality show "play tricks." In September, during the World Cup men's basketball, Nike virtue of LeBron? James named 12 generations boots, effectively increasing the sales of Nike shoes. "how to make movement has become a mainstream values? Nike has been thinking about a variety of different ways (to achieve)." Nike's senior communications director for Greater China HuangXiangYan told news reporters interface. In the key of the Road Sports Consulting Ltd. CEO Zhang opinion, Nike seize the "running boom", "women's fitness boom" and middle-class crowd. "Nike has entered a new stage, from the level of the product structure, functional design, as well as the process of diffusion and contact among consumers, and constantly promote and influence the occurrence of some kind of change, so that movement into their lives." With the Chinese sporting goods market on a large scale inventory processing, market supply and demand gradually returned benign. Not only is Nike, Adidas Greater China also maintained a momentum of growth. The first three quarters of this year, Adidas sales in the region grew 10% growth in the third quarter reached 13%. competition will continue, the face of increasingly discerning Chinese consumers, Nike and his opponents to be ready to deal with a variety of variables. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: Jin Chang elevator shoes)

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