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SB also released a Dunk Mid Aurora Borealis Northern Lights this week. On the theme of the beautiful northern lights, the black shoes on the gradient of the big hook represents the night of the glorious, shoe pad also has the northern lights of the design, step on the light, feeling good. 1.jpg (209.94, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; 2.jpg (111.92, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; 3.jpg (110.07, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; 4.jpg (129.81, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; 5.jpg (134.99, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; 6.jpg (78.86, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; 7.jpg (89.15, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; 8.jpg (98.03, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; as early as last week, Nike LeBron 12 elite version has been officially on sale, but also by the Sneaker berserk ... , the only playoff player in the series to sign shoes, Nike also decided to launch iD customized service for the segment. recently, the Internet has exposed eight pairs of iD customized shoes, are the story of Cheap air jordans for sale shoes paper ~ has now been customized in, the heart of the pro action ~ " Boogie Cousins" "John Elliott Co." Cavs Home "China" " Dunkman" NBA Finals T-1000 "X-Box" fragment design x Air Jordan a pair of I shoes so many broken dreams, 10 thousand soft currency around the "stable" price is unbearable. But in the United States named Marshalls department store, it sold for only 59.99 dollars, equivalent to 417 yuan. You don't even have a high price on a treasure, but it's incredibly good in Marshalls. Originally a shoe fan found in shopping malls, buy immediately and will release this news out, a few lucky to see is of course to the moment, with unbelievable price to buy the fragment design x Air Jordan I. It's not known why it was sold at this price, but in a word, happiness is so sudden. When do you think you can do such a good thing? Wake up, you have to go to work tomorrow. Air Jordan OG 1 "Top 3" this pair of Yuanyang color, from the spy exposure caused many shoes suspicion, many people do not believe that the official will launch this color, with more exposure to subs cheap jordan shoes for men equent pictures and information, only gradually confirm the identity. The day before Nike officially announced Air Jordan OG 1 "Top 3" China area sale details, it is reported that the new work will be on sale in November 28th, but the sale price of 1299 yuan. One has Royal, Bred and Chicago three classic color chance!Nike Kukini's unique vamp pattern, so that the people of this shoelace "vessel" design is impressive, in 2012, Nike Kukini will launch a new Free for the summer running market add highlights, cloth material uppers light collocation Nike Kukini specific vascular pattern, match the classic FREE outsole. Nike recently officially released the Kobe series Kobe 9 Mid EXT life, vamp whole body with snakeskin texture black leather shoes makes this cool application, tendon end is also very casual shoes fan children. It is reported that this shoe will be on sale in August 23rd, the price of 225 U. S. dollars. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] designer brand competition between things often change jobs, quit due to discontent and even lead to his old club to court is not un cheap jordans for sale common, however, since quit pull this the idea that it is a series of case lifetime! Last year before Christmas, on December 8, Nike will leave just three top sports shoe designer Denis Dekovic, Marc Dolce, Mark Miner (hereinafter referred to as "DDM") to court, charged with eight , the indictment up to 50, the key facts in this super trio will be switched to Adidas. and so on, why Adidas (Adidas) did not become a defendant had to admire the shot nine pounds of high this war Nike, one of the wonders listen to me one by one:? 1) Pa Pa DMM a super shoe designer trio (those years, we loved Nike shoes) Denis Dekovic, Croatian citizens (living in Italy), in 2005 to join Nike headquarters before leaving for the Nike soccer shoes global design team director, designed the Magista and Mercurial Superfly series. Marc Dolce, a US citizen, joined Nike headquarters in 2005, before he left office, global director of design for the Nike sports life, led the development of a series of Air Force One, The Blazer and The Dunk shoes. Mark Minor, a US citizen, joined Nike headquarters in 2008, leaving the former head of Nike Retro jordans for sale (Nike) running, comprehensive training and functional series, deeply involved in the NIKE Free, AirMax, and Zoom Air series development. After reading the above description, you should be able to understand why Nike for DDM leave so tight, the three super designer cover almost all categories of competition in the field of sports shoes. 2) Nike version of the idea that facts "premeditated + steal trade secrets + Haha, Adidas you also use the + God as teammates" 25 page previous statement of facts in the indictment (FACTS) as well as a variety of seemingly unrelated case and, unavoidably, at one go. The first fact: Adi decline First, Nike spent a lot of space to describe the global sports market brand competition situation: Adidas in "recent months, especially in the North American market, continuing to lose market share to Nike and other competitive brands" (Everyone all know that Under Armour ah), "a lot of media coverage Adidas thus under great pressure"; on the contrary, "Nike has maintained sustained growth and the world's first position", which described "Nike products and commercial We invested eno Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping rmous resources and money. " On the other hand, Nike mention its specialized spending $ 1.5 million to establish a KIT (Keep It Tight) trade secret protection education system in 2012. That implication, internal staff training every day can not speak leak trade secrets, you certainly knowingly, simply negligence may not exist, so it must be "premeditated." The question is, in the end leave before and after DMM done? The second fact: Adidas not happy too early, you are also a springboard Nike's story is this: DDM in April 2014 had already planned to leave Nike, and for fear of being found their movements, in April to stop using internal company e-mail exchange with each other, Minor also reminded of another two small partners do not use the company with the iPhone and the computer, at least do not leave written records. DDM goal has been to open a design studio of their own, and hope that this studio is completely independent operations, the problem is that they do not have enough financial support. So DDM find Adidas as a studio owners springboard gold ("A step forward"), temporarily sacrifice the independence o cheap foamposites f the Adidas design products, and ultimately successfully kicked Adidas can be completely independent. In addition, Nike said Brian Foresta Adidas vice president of (former Nike executive, a good mess of your circle!) As early as March 2014 it looked Dolce and Dekovic "talk about career planning." Interestingly, Nike said the DDM trio in May 2014 to pay someone on the three social media Twitter and Instagram accounts to buy flour, as is further to show their importance Adidas, Nike detection via third-party software this trio account to determine the 85% of the fans are false. fans is false, it is actually not the Nike story climax, the plot came reverse, then, Nike is how to know these details in the details of it, three of every detail to exchange? Thinking and extreme fear! The third fact, DDM internal division + God teammates Nike vaguely in the indictment that the original DDM has a "God as teammates" -Dekovic, when the other two returned to work in computers and mobile phones are attention clearing all conversations, but not overconfident gentleman manually clear (his direct physical destruction of the h Retro jordans for sale ard drives of computers and mobile phones), and really does not know that Nike is entitled to recover all the information in the computer and mobile phone, OMG! Dekovic is Nike's focus on "care" Object, Nike drama quite emotionally complaint, he turned out to be Mission Impossible, also carrying two small partners and Adidas, as well as another investor to discuss the sale of his own design developed with Michael Jackson - inspired MoonWalker series, the indictment, Nike noted that based on the employees to sign the agreement and the labor contract developer, Nike ownership of the series. teammate betrayal, internal division, the ups and downs. The fourth fact, stealing trade secrets DDM three before leaving, various methods are copied from the project with the company's own equipment during the Nike work involved in all aspects of the material, Nike made, DDM when talking about working conditions and Adidas, is to use Nike hand information only as a bargaining chip to blackmail Adidas agreed to finance its successful design studio. Adidas DDM met with the lawyer even help, and promised to soon afterwards to p Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ursue Jingye Terms of Nike, Adidas are willing to bear all the costs of litigation lawyers. Nike seems to want the creation of the design studio DDM is fully replicated version of Nike design studio, and Nike's trade secrets closely. Nike then continued allegations of three to stabilize Adidas, is also illegal to privately mobilize other designers from Nike existing team quit out together. 3) violation of the noncompete clause and trade secret law? Based on the idea that Nike finishing the fact that the three super designer has been charged with a total of eight charges, these charges between each other derivative, the most fundamental thing noncompete agreement (Non-Compete Agreement) and trade secrets ( Trade Secret) violation. Like with other designers, DDM in the entry and promotion when they are clear and Nike signed a noncompete agreement, the general meaning is: 1) within one year of leave, the employee can not be anyone in the world of athletic footwear, apparel and accessories companies in direct competition with Nike anywhere cooperation in any way (consultants, employees or contract workers), includin cheap jordans for sale mens g but not limited to Adidas; 2) were employed during the period and two years after termination of employment, this Nike employees must protect trade secrets ("Any Protected Information"), may not retain copies of these materials without permission; During 3) were employed, and within a year after termination of employment, the employee can not dig in Nike internal employees and partners. Starting from Nike reasoning given factual level, DDM three designers are clearly in violation of the noncompete agreement and the law of trade secrets. Nike requested the court to a fine of $ 10 million for the three and prohibit them from working at any rival company Nike. Currently, Adidas still not made any positive response, just a little statement that he did not care where they come from designers, Adidas designers have a few rich experience. This quit the war is not finished, the reader may see this tired, but it does not matter, Holmes fun time coming, such as what kind of details are skipped it? 4) nine pounds Holmes Games: Some hidden details First, for the thing not sue Nike Adidas? First, Nike to deal with th cheap jordans online is case left a certain space, that Adidas may also choose to support or at least give up DDM, court transactions more convenient for some. Once Adidas named as defendants, I believe Adidas bound to fight back in the end. From the perspective of litigation, Nike Adidas chance of winning is very weak, the only litigation likely to find the basis of interfering contractual relationship is wrong DDM and Nike's (Tortious Interference) lure them in violation of Jingye agreement. But this provision of the very heavy burden of proof Nike: Adidas must be malicious, must be direct interference DDM, Nike must be in order to obtain commercial secrets, it must be obtained directly competitive advantage; free competition judges must consider the principle of judgment Shihai . All these are very difficult on the evidence and reasoning. Second, the "God of his teammates" Dekovic US visa problems. The careful reader will find, Dekovic not a US citizen (Croats, living in Italy), Nike had hired when mentioned D using L1A visa, since May 2014 the visa expires, you must leave the United States in accordance with the law D a year before re-entry, so Nike paid $ 50,000 of financial relief to the D allowed back to Italy to work for a year to return to the United States. So the same opinion, D does not hold a green card. L1A can apply for a green card status is at Nike agreed to fund the employer, the question is, perhaps D from start to finish did not want a green card? Maybe Nike does not want to help D apply? Maybe not filed by? Maybe D has long wanted the new employer to change jobs just new visa problem? identity a mystery. Why nine pounds noticed this detail? Because DMM defend his biggest weapon is the ability to include some former company Nike unfair commercial or illegal behavior, saying so just wanted to leave Nike. If you really have a handle exists naturally as the old club does not want an open discussion on the former employees of the court, so of course DDM round of court settlement can be outside, even so Nike is willing to directly withdrawn noncompete agreement. Check-American identity, if there are some problems, it has become one of the weapons of D. Of course, if we can find out the facts during various employment Nike violate the contract of employment can be beneficial. Third, DDM high-profile departure, Adidas well prepared? Just leave Nike DDM official day, three designers in the high-profile social networking site announced publicly joined Adidas, did not worry about any possible litigation. Updates in silence for some time did not make any response, DDM through their lawyers sent a formal response, said Nike fabricate facts, erase their years of hard work to pay for Nike. nine pounds looked respond first reaction is to push about the investigation on behalf of the --Markowitzherbold law firm, the seat of the Oregon lawsuit litigation law firm ranked first, leading lawyer Matt Levin is Adidas Queen's Counsel. Adidas can not jump to conclusions well prepared, but apparently the play Taiwan Nike has added an important weight. noncompete and trade secret law belong to the state legislation, different laws in each state, such as California do not acknowledge the validity of noncompete agreement, and in Oregon is valid. Therefore, even in the state does not recognize non-compete agreement, according to the original owner still trade secrets before the prosecution staff, and now legal in the United States on the definition of trade secrets become more and more broadly, in addition to the core formula, but even some of the necessary skills and customer relationships can be counted trade secrets. In Silicon Valley, IT staff turnover is high career change most scientists believe that the US legislation is to accelerate scientific and technological innovation driving force. When the US Congress last year tried to trade secrets, as federal laws have been subjected to strong opposition. Massachusetts governor also encourage the abolition of the state's non-compete agreement validity, to promote the development of Boston start-up companies in the field of science and technology of the Internet to attract more western people. VS fair competition in the spirit of innovation is always the topic, for consumers we certainly hope that these super designers can return to our line of sight, no matter which company they are in another job. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Four Seasons Bear shoes)

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